Tom Havens announces the formation of The Havens Company

Scottsdale, Az - March 30,2001 - Tom Havens has formed a new company focused on providing strategic sales and marketing services for smaller, growth oriented companies in the gift and decorative accessory industry.

The Havens Company works with a manufacturer to develop annual sales plans and goals; to hire, train, and manage a national sales force; to create and implement sales promotions; to develop internal sales policies and procedures; to target and develop national key accounts; and to work with the company to develop and successfully implement a focused "go to market" strategy.

"With almost thirty years of experience in this industry, I knew that there was a need for this type of service, and the timing was ideal. So many companies have great product, great ideas for future growth, and are having a difficult time managing all aspects of their business, as well as keeping control of their growth. Plus, they cannot, at that level of volume, afford a salaried, full time marketing and sales manager. I can step in and help them with all of the sales and marketing related responsibilities and provide support with internal systems as well, and at a cost that they can easily afford."

With a unique blend of experience , first as a independent sales agency owner, and then for ten years as the national sales manager for a major giftware manufacturer, Tom Havens can create and manage a focused and aggressive sales plan for that creative company that needs to go the next level.

The company will also provide consulting on a project related basis for those companies that have current sales management on site, but are looking for direction for future growth potential.

The Havens Company works with manufacturers on a monthly retainer and expenses. The Havens Company can be reached at 1-800-757-0055 or by e-mailing Tom Havens at